The ClubGRANTS program is a state-wide initiative introduced in 1998 (formally Community Development and Support Expenditure Scheme). Clubs that earn over $10 million annually in gaming machine revenue are to provide funding for community projects. 

CEO of Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club, Dean Thomas said: “Clubs have been at the heart of the community for many years, providing local groups and charities with encouragement and support. Bringing communities together and being able to give back is the basis of what RSL’s are built upon and something we are very proud of.”

“Year after year, we commit to funding more than what is legally required by ClubGRANTS. The community is our foundation and we will continue to support the area in where we live and breathe, including sports, health and aged care, disability, youth, education and family services, they are all so vitally important,” said Dean. 

Part of the ClubGRANTS budget is overseen by a committee of local Clubs and councils. Collectively we have supported a wide range of charities and not-for-profit organisations throughout both the City of Canterbury Bankstown and Inner West Local Government Areas. The scheme has had a tremendous impact on both large charitable organisations as well as smaller localised services. They have gained valuable resources and support, ultimately from their own community.

Please check each council website for application closing dates.

We encourage all organisations that support communities in these council areas to apply.


Inner West

Furthermore, if you are interested in learning more and/or wish to apply for one of our direct ClubGRANTS,

you can do this by clicking  HERE

1.      Registering as a new user :  Once you’ve clicked on the above link make sure you click on the “Register or log in” button at the top of screen. Once you register your organisations all applications will be against this account.
2.      Choosing the correct “Application Category : Upon starting the process for entering a new application you will need to select the correct “Application Category”.
3.      Choosing the correct “Club Name” : As this process is designed for all licensed clubs in NSW you need to select the club you want the support from. In this case you must select Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club.
4.      Choosing the correct “Application Type” :  Once you’ve selected the correct Category you need to select the correct “Application Type”.